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A Message from Pastor David Williamson

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October:  Pastor's Message

        In October of each year, we celebrate Columbus Day.  Actually, it should be October 12, the 526th anniversary of Christopher Columbus' arrival in the New World.  These days, the real date plays second fiddle to our desire for a three-day weekend.  And the politically-correct folks who publish the official United Church of Christ calendar have renamed it, "Indigenous Peoples' Day."


          We tend to take Columbus' discovery for granted these days, since we're equipped with everyting from highly detailed maps to GPS (global positioning systems) to space travel.  But back in 1492, what Columbus did was truly world-changing.


          By the fifteenth centruy, the idea of a flat earth was almost universally rejected (despite what you may have been taught in school).  The challenge Columbus faced was that all previous sailing voyages had followed coastlines, or crossed open seas to lands previously known or at least sighted by storm-driven ships.  Only Christopher Columbus set off directly across a broad, unknown sea with no specific knowledge of how far it extended or what lay on the other side.


          What motivated him to make such a daring adventure?  Free trade certainly played a big role.  A shorter route to the Far East (which is where Columbus and his patron, Queen Isabella of Portugal, thought he was going) would result in lower prices for exotic goods, and the competition to find such a route was intense.  The opportunity for glory was also key.  Face it, who among us remembers the names of the astronauts who walked on the moon from Apollo 12?  But Neil Armstrong's and Buzz Aldrin's names are etched in our minds.


          Christpher Columbus had another reason, though, one which doesn't always make it into textbooks.  He wanted to be obedient of Christ's commission to spread the Gospel to all the world, and indeed, he made it a point to bring many evangelists and clergymen and church supplies with him on his subsequent voyages to the New World.


          This fall, get out of your comfort zone.  Sing a new hymn with gusto.  Put more money in the offering plate than you think is wise.  Invite an unchurched neighbor or coworker or friend (or your hairdresser or mailman or whoever) to come to church with you.  See what God will do for you when you let Him fill your sails.



Yours in Christ, 

~~~Pastor David Williamson












































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