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August:  Pastor's Message



       Last month, Julia and I travelled to Nova Scotia for a week.  We spent the first half of our vacation in a tiny town called Guysborough (because it had a bed-and-breakfast), and commuted 50 minutes to the Antigonish Highland Games, a festival of Scottish dancing, singing, bagpipes and drums, fiddling, and the "Ancient Scottish Heavy Events" (look them up).  It was fun, and the people were welcoming.  Rest assured, though, that I did not buy or wear a kilt.


      One night while we were there, we attended a "Concert Under the Stars"...which was held in a tent because it was raining.  When it ended, we headed back to our B&B.  Our trip began on the Trans-Canada Highway, which was nothing but a two-lane road where we were.  We exited for the drive south to Guysborough, took the wrong fork in the road, and ended up on a long trek going in the wrong direction.  It took us a good half hour of driving at night in the rain to discover our mistake, and then another 20 minutes to get our bearings and make our way back (via the two-lane "highway") to the fork in the road.  We didn't get to our B&B until after midnight.


       Life is full of forks in the road.  Sometimes, taking the wrong one can be a pretty minor mistake, easily corrected.  Other times, the consequences can be much more serious.


       I've met many people over the years who chose to neglect the habit of attending church every week.  Then, when crises came along, they didn't have the spiritual "tools" and a community of faith to help them in their hour of need.  I'll never forget a man in a hospital isolation ward, rapidly dying, who begged me to teach him to pray just minutes before his life on Earth ended.



     I've met people who decided they wre smarter than God when it came to the Ten Commandments, and they ended up in a bitter relationship with their parents or in a really nasty divorce or in prison.  My fellow Hofstra University alumnus, Bernie Madoff, started out as a hard-working and brilliant investment advisor and financier who helped develop and lead the NASDAQ market.  But he took a series of wrong forks in the road, coveting success for himself and promising too much money to his investors, and he ended up creating the largest Ponzi scheme the world has ever known.  He will probably spend the rest of his life in prison.


     Of course, those examples are pretty extreme.  But neither was the result of one big mistake - they were the results of a million smaller missed turns, brought on by ignoring the Word of God, the Bible, and by the lack of good direction for their moral and spiritual lives.


     And that is the value of developing holy habits: reading the Bible, prayer, and participating in the worship and service life of the church.  That's why the writer of the New Testament letter to the Hebrews wrote, "Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another - and all the more as you see the Day [of Jesus' return] approaching" (Hebrews 10:25).


     Hawker Church has so many opportunities for you to develop holy habits - in August, there's Sunday worship at 8:30 and 10:30 a.m., year 'round Sunday School for all ages, our Children's Bible Experience (a.k.a. vacation Bible school) on August 7th, the Men's Squared breakfast and Bible study on August 10th, a weekly men's discussion group, our second annual PB&J collection to feed our community, and more.

      Take advantage of what we have - or suggest something new.  What's important is that you let God's Holy Spirit lead you to make the right choices at all those forks in the road on your journey through life.

     "Holy Spirit flow through me, and make my life what it ought to be."  Join your Hawker family this Sunday and every Sunday in singing and praying those words, and see the great things God will do in your life.


Yours in Christ, 

~~~Pastor David Williamson












































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